Storage size guide

How much storage?

Below you’ll find brief descriptions of what you can expect to fit in our different size units.  These are just examples to give you an idea. If you still find it a bit tricky to guess how much space you need, get in touch with our team; they’re experts at it.

By taking the time to understand your requirements, and offering advice on how to maximise space, we can match you and your stuff with the right storage solution and make sure you get the most out of it.

What you store is your business. Where you store it is ours.
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ezystor self storage guide


Only got a little bit of extra stuff? Our smaller units have room for about a bedroom’s worth of furniture and boxes. This is just a description to help give you an idea. We recommend chatting with our team about what you have and they’ll match you with the right available solution.
Size Range
1m2 - 100m2
Ideal for
  • Spare room
  • Business storage
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When you need to store more than just a room’s worth of stuff but not a whole house lot, our medium sized stored units could be just the trick. Contact your local EzyStor for a chat about your needs. This is just an example to help give you an idea. Our team are experts at maximising space to get the most out of your EzyStor unit.
Size Range
5m2 - 9m2
Ideal for
  • 2 bedroom house
  • 1 small truck load
  • Business storage
ezystor sizes medium v2


Everything and the kitchen sink will fit in our larger sized storage units. These are great when moving or renovating and you’ve got a whole house lot that needs storing. Everyone’s needs are different and so is the amount of stuff we all have so get in touch with the team at your nearest EzyStor to discuss your best option.
Size Range
8m2 - 18m2
Ideal for
  • 3 bedroom house
  • Business storage
  • Vehicle storage
ezystor sizes large v2


For the bigger, hardier items that can handle a bit of weather we have large outdoor storage spaces. Every EzyStor will have different size lots available so get in touch to chat about your requirements.
Space varies depending on location.
Ideal for
  • Boat
  • Car
  • Trailer
  • Caravan
ezystor sizes outside
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Need help to figure it out?

Just tell our team what you think you need and they’ll help you find just the right size unit.

Fill out the form below and one of our storage consultants will be in touch

If you’d prefer, you can call our freephone 0800 399 669 to discuss your storage requirements.

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